There is no entry fee into the contest.  Entry is free.

The first contest will begin Saturday May 17th at 12:01 AM.  Any entries received before this date will be treated as if received on the 17th of May and will be judged with all entries received before or on said date


The weekly prize will be determied by Meme-Fiend and will be posted on the homepage at the beginning of each week.  Prizes are non-negotiable.

If two entries, at the end of any day, have an identical star rating it is at the descretion of Meme-Fiend to determine the winner.  This determination will be based on the overall skill of the meme itself, such as its humour value, wittyness, and creativity.  

While certain text entries may apply to more than one meme, winning text entries may only win once.  If a winning entry is copied and applied to another meme on another day by any memeber, the submission will be included but is ineligible to win again.  Entries deemed similar may also be deemed ineligible at the discretion of Meme-Fiend.  All decisions are final

Each entrant may only make one contest submission per day.  If it is discovered that an entrant has created more than one entry on any given day with multiple accounts, their submissions will be removed from the contest and the user will be banned.

Do not submit  obscenity, advertising, solicitations, "hate speech" (i.e. demeaning race, gender, age, religious or sexual orientation, etc.), or material that is threatening, harassing, defamatory, or that encourages illegality.  Users who do will have there submission deleted, face the possibility of being banned, or even worse, the possibility of legal action.


Avoid foul language for anything you make publicly available.


Everyone must rate at least one meme before submitting an entry into the contest.  Memes are rated on a star scale out of ten.  To rate a meme just click on the star under the meme which corresponds with rating you deem fit.  Memes should be rated on overall skill, creativity, humour factor and wittyness.  Failure to rate a meme before entry  will result in the submission being removed from the contest.


Negatively rating memes on purpose, in hopes to give yourself an advantage, will result in the users submission to the contest being deleted and the user being banned from the contest.  Meme-Fiend reserves the right to determine if people are purposely affecting the outcome of the contest by negatively rating other memes on purpose.  All decisions are final.


If someone else might own the copyright to it, do not upload it. Users are liable for false representation of copyright ownership.


Each daily contest begins at 12 AM and ends at 12AM the following day.  There is a 24 hour voting period for each daily meme.

At the end of each day the top rated meme (depending on the number of votes and average star rating) will be selected.

At the end of each week a prize will be given to the best meme from the 7 daily meme winners, as well as the submitter of the winning meme photo.  The winner will be selected by Meme-Fiend staff and will be based on a skill factor including, creativity, humour and wittyness.  The weekly star rating does not necessarily determine the weeks winners.  Winners are selected at the discretion of Meme-Fiend.  All decisions are final.

In order to claim a prize the winner must have a PAYPAL account.  No other means of payment are accepted at this time.

At the end of each year, of  the best 52 memes (1 each week), one will be declared as that years Meme Fiend.  All unclaimed prizes for the year will be awarded to the years champion, as well as a prize from Meme-Fiend.  The end of each year will be considered 52 weeks from the beginning of the contest, or since the last Meme Fiend was declared.

The contest is open only to individuals who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry and who do NOT reside in Cuba, Iran, New Jersey, Australia Capital Territory, North Korea, the Province of Quebec, Sudan or Syria.